Tasty times at Questival 😝😋😎

Weeks 8-9: Getting to the Jungle

While I may not be consistent about posting blogs, at least I’m consistent about not posting them! The longer I’m in Panama, the more at home I feel. The more at home I… Continue reading

Weeks 5-7: Getting to Work

Working Hard? Or Hardly Working? Hello Cyber World! I’ve received messages from many of you asking if I’m actually doing work here in Panama, as it doesn’t seem like it from the pictures… Continue reading

The View: Part 1

For the sake of keeping my posts on the (relatively) short side, I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to inundating you with pictures from my first seven weeks traveling around Panama (click… Continue reading

Weeks 2-4: Getting Acquainted

Sorry for the extreme lateness of this post! Between the celebrations of Carnival lasting five days, there being an abundance of dead coral branches that require my time and attention, and then my… Continue reading

Week 1: Getting Lost

Having only been here two weeks, I have already made some enlightening discoveries about living in Central America: Getting anywhere in a car takes at least 20 minutes Buses have no real schedule… Continue reading

Santa Barbara –> Panama: Getting There

A New Chapter Begins If you’re reading this then I have successfully navigated the treacherous waters of WordPress, gotten over the fact that I have no idea what a “widget” is, and let… Continue reading